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Big things are happening tomorrow. For many folks in other towns and cities across the UK, seeing Caspa and Rusko on a lineup isn't huuuuge, but for Norwich it is.

If you're local, I'm pretty sure you'll be aware of GET LOW. They've been pushing Dubstep and anything bass heavy in the area for a while holding big events at Po Na Na's including Skream, Benga, Oneman, Skepta, Alix Perez and others. They've been on it for a year now and there is definitely no stopping them for a while. Celebrating their first birthday in style with Caspa and Rusko smashing it with a 2 hour set!

Expect big lasers, big sound, big pieces of cake and an even bigger birthday atmosphere.

£5 N.U.S all night long
£6 others

Check the event on Facebook.
Join GET LOW on Facebook.
Check out their blogspot.

Fairly new Rusko mix recorded on Radio 1 Extra last month. This will get you in the mood for gettin' low.

Rusko - Dutch Flowers
Jakes - Rock The Bells (Rusko VIP)
Rusko - Mr Chipz
Rusko ft Redlight - Scare Ware
A Trak ft Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
Chase n Status - Saxon
Rusko – You Give The Love (Demo EXCLUSIVE!!)
Rusko - Hammertime
Rusko - How Low Can You Gizzoo?
Rusko - 2 Da Floor
Rusko - Period
Rusko - Woo Boost
Rusko - Jahova
Rusko - Go Go Gadget
Rusko ft Lutan Fiyah - Soundguy Is My Target
Skream - Woinky
Leon Jean Marie - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
Skream - Murderer (Instrumental)
Chase n Status - Eastern Jam VIP
Kid Cudi vs Crookers - Day n Nite (Rusko Bootleg)

Rusko - Mr Chips
Skream - Meta Lick
Rusko - Hiphop
Doctor - Raise The Temperature
Chase & Status - Eastern Jam
Kid Sister - Pro Nails (Rusko Remix)
The Others - Bazooka
Caspa - Marmite
Rusko - Hammertime
Bun Vs Ill Bill - Choppa
Casper - Louder VIP
Rusko - Woo Boost
Leon - Bring It On (Rusko Remix)
The Others - King Pin
Rusko - Original Cut

Download (rapidshare)

And to finish off here is a track thats been out for ages - but so long ago you may have missed it.

Moments In Love (Caspa Remix) - Art Of Noise

Also the next day you should definitely attend this:


First up we have Kaptain Caddelic. Part of the Parisian Booty Call crew the Kap will be hopping on the Eurostar for a one off London special. With Support from the likes of DJ Godfather and Diplo you know you are in good hands, so pull down your cap, suck it in and get ready for a jaw dropping set of bullet speed Ghettotech madness.

Lurking in the shadows we have A1 Bassline. People have been chatting about this guy for a long time, the question is do you believe the hype? My faith lies not in what the blogs have been saying but the fact that when A1’s anthem ‘Girl Thing’ got dropped at the last Bin Juice people actually fell over. Any person who can do this is more than worthy of set in the shed.

Lucky Charms - A1 Bassline [RUDEEE]

In keen support stand Jim Squared, part of the legendary Armada Sound collective and Rrritalin, one of the original Yardcore famble. Charged up bass music for the naughty generation.

And finally our residents in waiting, Skain, Absnif and Pirate Soundsystem. Set fazers to kill, the Z-Shed takes no prisoners.

Check the event on Facebook.
Join THE Z-SHED on Facebook.


Anonymous said...

Anyoone know if ''wooh boost'' has a release date yet and if so when?

Dash said...

Big up!