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Bringing the party from Portugal, DJ Manaia is growing to be a well known name all over the world. He started off in 1999 just as an irrelevant DJ around Lisbon but in 2005, he and his friend opened their own venue - Clube Mercado which was host to some of the biggest acts and DJs. The club was later closed but he persisted and opened Mini Mercado in Santos which is now his main resisdence. He has shared the bill with large acts and has many more lined up. Check the myspace for more details.

"My style is difficult to describe because I play everything that bounces the dancefloor..."

Recently he has started churning out his own dancefloor killers, whether they are originals or remixes, they always contain a certain party element. He loves the energetic synths and has very kindly sent over a couple for you to preview/stick in your sets. Which one takes your fancy?

The Bass Killer
Terror In Tibet
Move It Boy
Are You Ready For This?
Hot Cold
Fidget Feet [RUDEEE]

Pull Up [RUDEEE], Fatty Girl and Sobrevivente will be out in March time on On The Brink Recordings - be sure to look out for these.

Insane In The Membrane (DJ Manaia Remix) - Cypress Hill [RUDEEE]
Where's My Money (Caspa Remix/DJ Manaia Edit) - TC
No Good (DJ Manaia Remix) - The Prodigy
Postif (DJ Manaia Edit) - Mr Oizo
Kurum (DJ Manaia Remix) - Buraka Som Sistema [RUDEEE]

(none of these tracks are mastered)

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