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Has been a little while since the last one of these but this is a gooden. Is it just me or does music seem to be getting better everyday?!

Remember... no laptop speakers allowed. Pull some funky shapes to these hefty waves.

1. A Milli (Propa Tingz Ill Tingz Remix) - Lil Wayne
Full on heavy sound.

2. Get Down - Jack Beats
Cannot wait for Herve's "Ghetto Bass" album. Gonna be sickkkkk. *edit... get it here.

3. Hints - Hidden Cat
Bangin' catchy rhythm when it drops about half way through.

4. Zutopong - Bird Peterson
Not the usual kinda track from this man but this is full to the brim of energy and whirring bass. Mad!

5. What Up Y'all - Crookers
Just incase you missed this fidgety monster. I'm glad they've reminded me why I like them.


1 comment:

Tuff said...

Herves ghetto bass album is immense. A definate buy!