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Sushi at 44.

Mister Sushi (aka Alex Oxley) is a successful producer and musician going under a variety of different aliases and promotional names. In 2003 he won the Vestax DJ of the year award and in 2004 beat over a thousand other contestants into winning the diesel music awards 'best DJ' slot which has opened up many pathways and options in the music community. He also works for the Botchi and Scarper label host to artists such as Aquasky, Atomic Hooligan and Freq Nasty.

A remix which he has done under the alias Duncan Whiteley.

Hombre (Mutant Bootie Re-Rub) - M.I.A.
(Paper Planes (Afrikan Boy & Rye Rye Remix) - M.I.A)

Now running a night named 44 in Cumbria, I caught up with him on a few things and his plans for the future.

So after a brief break you returned in 2008 but moved up north a bit from London, is the music scene different up there and what genres are flourishing compared to London or is it similar?

Yeah after running the 44 shows in London for a few years it nice to have a change, actually I went to live in Berlin for six months prior to moving back to the North of England. This time was a big inspiration, Berlin is such a melting pot of alternative sights and sounds. The art and music scene there is second to non! It's been a real challenge pushing alternative electronic music in the Lake District, Techno seems to be quite popular here but at 44 we don't like to get bogged down by 'genres' it's all about good music regardless of tempo or key structure. We really like to push things in new directions! Music should be challenging not predicable!

You cover quite a range of musical styles and genres, is there any particular band or group that you have you eye on at the moment for a possible performance in the future?

Yikes that is a hard question haha I have an endless list of acts I'd love to have perform. Off the top of my head I'd say: Fuck Buttons, Clark, Modeselektor, Drop The Lime... Over the coming year I really want to push the live electronics side more, to have someone like Battles or Squarepusher perform would be unreal.

It must be good for the label as a whole to look back and see that you've helped start of some people like FreQ Nasty who are now collaborating with the likes of Santogold to perform the nicely completed cross of genres for 'Creator'. Is there anyone artist/band/producer you would like to collaborate with dead or alive on anything?

Its really great to see the artists progressing forward, I'm sure everyone at Botchit & Scarper would agree when I say we're all about new projects and the artists trying their hands at different sounds. I would love to have Bill Hicks as the compare for the 44 nights, would be brillant to have him putting the world to rights between the acts! Also imagine having Hunter S Thompson as your door man, that would be quite something.

Or is there any new collaboration projects in the works?

Since returning to the Lake District I've collaborating with a lot more people, recently started working with a friend on an art & music event that we're planning to run every three months. Our next show is on Febuary 28th, we've got 65 Days Of Static headlining which is really exciting. Check that event out here.

I really want to merge the worlds of music and art more at the 44 shows, it's good to offer more of an experience you know? Visuals have always been really important at the events, it's a pleasure to work alongside talented designers like Goodies Corp and Richard Fairhead. I've also starting working with the clothing company Fenchurch, its really great to have them on board with the 44 events, they are very supportive of what I'm trying to achieve.

When DJing are you a strictly vinyl or do you dwell into other forms such as CDJs, laptops etc...?

At the moment I'm using CDs more in my sets, the advantage of this is that I can play tracks way up front before they're released. I have started buying vinyl more generally though, I started DJing with vinyl many moons ago so it's nice to go back to that. Kind of like meeting up with an old friend you haven't seen in a while...!

What's the first song/artist/record you ever brought?

For my sins the first record I ever bought was Guns n Roses - 'Use Your Illusion I' on CD. I played this to album death. I remember listening to it for the first time and thinking, dame my parents are gonna hate this!

And the last song you listened to?

Friend Of The Night - Mogwai

I'd say Mogwai are without a doubt my favorite band, they have been consistently great over their whole career. Not many acts manage to keep up and my god what an amazing live show!

The biggest dancefloor killer of the last year for you?

Can I have two???!

Motor - SebastiAn
Buraka Som Systema - Kalema (Wegue Wegue) (Reso Remix)

The next event that Alex is putting on is 44 presents Cellar Door which will be the biggest event to hit the Cinema Rooms yet.

Saturday 7th February 2009

Jamie Vex'd (Vex'd/Planet Mu)
Mister Sushi (Botchit & Scarper)
Fidge (LIVE/Infra)
Jon Tinning (Cellar Door)

What can we say that already hasn't been said about the ground breaking duo that is VEX'D...?! Hmmm this review from Blowback Magazine seems to sum these two gentlemen up perfectly.

"Uncompromisingly smashing the boundaries of genre definitions, Vex'd is mash up jungle-garage-hardcore-dub to the max. If played on a large sound system (with the volume up to 13) you're likely to implode or at least, never see colors again. Enjoyed at a slightly lower volume, you'll no doubt rave until your legs fall off. In places it is like a dark horror - only noticeable under the deep smooth bass and tweaked-to-the-max glitches..."

Gunman - Vex'd
Fallen (Vex'd Remix) - Distance

11pm - 3am (£6 advance)

Cinema Room,
Michaelson Road
Barrow in Furness
LA14 1AD

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