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Introducing ILL BODING

Ill Boding is brand new to the scene but is showing a lot of potential for the future.

"I am from Nottingham and started making Hip Hop around 2000. My brother got me into Grime around the same time. I grew tired of the Hip Hop scene after a while and began producing Dubstep/Grime about a year ago. My main aim for my production is just to make good tunes anyone can listen to regardless of what they know about the scene. At the moment I am just trying to get a release but for the future I want to collaborate with Grime MCs. I also have a joint project planned with N.A.T, Crakatoa and Klassic."

Enjoy these filthy beats, and watch out for more from him in the future...

Clown [RUDEEE]
Grit Ya Teeth [RUDEEE]
It Aint Easy [RUDEEE]
Judgement (Ill Boding Remix) - Klassic

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Anonymous said...

Dirty, feeling that