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You knows it...

Herve is really on top of everything at the moment. His label is putting out some great releases, his latest mix album is full of huge tracks (a must buy) and his own productions are top notch too. Everyone has, quite rightly so, been documenting it on the blogs recently so you may have picked both these tracks up already - but hopefully not.

Find out more and what's happening next in a fantastic exclusive interview over at Love That Tune.

This first track combines a sweet mixture of old skool jungley sounds with new skool wobbly dubsteppy breakdowns. Maybe you could've guessed that from the title but I didn't see it like that to start with!

Jungle Steppas - Herve/The Count

On a slightly different note, this one has a steady jackin' party beat with a subtle but warm bassline which drops about half way through.

Droppin' Kisses - Herve & DJ Sneak

Check the latest Essential Mix which is, well... Wizard knows it.

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