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Featuring LANDO KAL

With their second LP, Memories, out at the end of April on Monkeytown supported by a North American tour - including a stop at SXSW and the WMC - you'd wonder where Antaeus Roy, one half of San Francisco duo Lazersword, has time to produce and release his own work.

TMRW - Lando Kal [Stillcold Records]

Now located in Berlin, under his Lando Kal moniker he has produced a slew of top quality material for Hotflush Recordings, Numbers, Rush Hour and Stillcold Records with his latest release coming out on the latter last week. The TMRW EP is yet another fine release, with the title track being a key-driven, funky House joint followed by the darker, bass-heavy analogue goodness of "No Newjack".

Rhythm Sektion - Lando Kal [forthcoming Hotflush Recordings]

Following on from that is the 'Rhythm Sektion' b/w 'Inquisition' due out April 9th on Hotflush Recordings. According to Lando Kal both tracks are slices of "kinetic percussion" which, as you can hear above, is no over-exaggeration - producing a quality piece of percussive House music. There are no previews for the flip-side but it is guaranteed to be at the highest level, opening the door to hopefully another productive year for Lando Kal.

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