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Introducing TRIKK

The third release from George Fitzgerald's imprint Man Make Music comes from Trikk, a twenty year old producer from Porto. Trikk started making music at the age of fifteen after listening to early Detroit Techno and Chicago House records, but more recently he has also looked towards the European capitals of London and Berlin for inspiration. This shift of influences can be seen in his output as his productions have taken on a progressively more percussive and bass driven focus.

Trikk describes 'Jointly' as an attempt to merge the Detroit and UK Bass sounds. A bouncing bassline coupled with echoed vocal samples makes for a well rounded club orientated track. Wanting to demonstrate the diversity in his productions, 'I Fall Down' is a more 'emotional' track providing a deeper listening experience. The EP will be available digitally on monday but you can buy the 12" from Juno now. Aside from MMAKEM003 a lot of top quality new material has made its way on to Trikk's soundcloud in the last month, the most recent of which, 'Driven Movement' is a free download.

Jointly/I Fall Down - Trikk [Man Make Music]

The latest addition to the Man Make Music family says that it is a 'great' label to be a part of with all of the guys meeting up regularly and helping each other out, something that Trikk must be very appreciative of having only moved to London a couple of months ago. There are plans for a follow up release on Man Make Music later in the year but in the mean time Trikk wants to play as many gigs as he can in order to spread his music. Something that we are very glad to hear.

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