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Introducing IRON GALAXY

Canada has produced several talented producers over the last couple of years whose sounds are fitting snuggly into the current electronic music movement here in the UK. Jacques Greene, Bwana and Kevin McPhee to name a few. Here at Hush House we think that the next name to be added to this ever growing list is Adam Hodgins. All of the tracks on Hodgins' soundcloud are of a consistently high standard but it's the latest two produced under his Iron Galaxy moniker that have really caught our attention. You can listen to Attention Seeker and Dragging Your Feet below. Both tracks have received lots of praise from the likes of Guy Andrews, Bobby Champs and South London Ordnance amongst others.

Attention Seeker - Iron Galaxy

Growing up in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Hodgins' had an eclectic music taste and drew his influences from a wealth of different artists and genres. Listening to everything from alternative hip hop right the way through to drum and bass productions from the likes of Reinforced Records. Most recently Hodgins has looked towards this side of the atlantic drawing inspiration from the burgeoning bass music scene which has steered him towards making House and Techno records.

A real champion of analogue productions Hodgins produces his tracks in a friends loft using a a variety of unique and classic machines, such as a broken 303 that he had patched up for $60. Hodgins says that although 'some of the most innovative music today is made purely inside a laptop', he finds using real gear 'that much more fun'. His tracks have a depth and warmth that we'd like to think comes from this purist approach to production.

Dragging Your Feet - Iron Galaxy

Hodgins is currently unsigned but surely that won't be the case for much longer. He has more work in the pipeline, hoping to have his next track finished by the end of the month, so keep an eye on his soundcloud for that.

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