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Featuring LONE

As a pre-cursor to his upcoming album, Galaxy Garden, Matt Cutler - who is more commonly known as Lone - and the always influential R&S Records are treating us to a sample of things to come with a brand new 12".

Crystal Caverns 1991 is another fine release from Lone and in keeping with his style manages to produce something fresh that is unmistakably his. The title track is a high energy, synth-laden affair with plenty of funk to light up any dancefloor with its mash of Funky and early 90's Rave vibes. The flipside is 'Vulcan Mill Acid' which is as advertised - a funky, acid laden affair accompanied by some more energetic percussion.

If this release is anything to go by, the whole album should be another great Lone release and worthy of gracing the vaults of R&S. Crystal Caverns 1991 is out on wax on the 2nd of April followed by the digital release a week later and the album in May.

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