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Featuring TREVINO

Having recently documented the work of Endian, we are just as excited about what Marcus Intalex has to offer at slightly slower tempos. After 'Chip' came out on 3024 last year, Trevino's first full release has found a home on Naked Lunch.

Derelict - Trevino [forthcoming Naked Lunch]

Unsurprsingly, it is nothing short of outstanding and fits perfectly with the quality of Naked Lunch releases that have preceded it. 'Derelict' brings an uncompromising warehouse sound and an outrageously old-school reverse sample before the drop. It's destined to conjure up the kind of scenes on show in this video.

Buried - Trevino [forthcoming Naked Lunch]

'Buried' takes things in a slightly smoother direction but is equally relentless. The track is built around a consistently modulating bassline and a spiralling, but slightly distorted, lead. Intalex's wealth of experience with the technical nature of drum & bass production is set to prove invaluable for his work as Trevino.

If you're not already convinced, check out the Electronic Explorations mix below for a sneak preview of some other forthcoming material.

Electronic Explorations #178 - Trevino

[NL012] will be released on 10" purple vinyl and digital via Juno on 2nd April 2012.

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