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Gerry Read - Yeh Come Dance EP

This week sees a quality release from HH favourite and one of last years best newcomers. Here Gerry Read steps up for his debut release on Delsin, which also the marks the start of the Dutch label's venture down a more House orientated route.

Yeh Come Dance contains four cracking, unique tracks, each falling somewhere in the region of Berlin Techno and dingy basement House. The title track comes across as slightly off balance but this is completely intentional. It features a dark pulsing bassline, hard hitting drums, that repetitive, addictive vocal snippet (done in the Read way) plus some off kilter hi-hats which add great shuffle. It is definitely appropriate for this to be the title track as it stands out a mile off. 'Crawlspace' steps the heat down a notch and replaces the shuffle with a little swing. 'Bozza' switches it up, almost sounding like a live jazz interpretation, the end result is a fantastic composition which really boasts Read's musical abilities. 'Crooked' closes out the EP on a similar tip to 'Demolition Man', his recent collaboration with Kevin Mcphee.

Definitely an EP worth picking up on wax or digital, available right now from Juno.

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