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Over the last couple of years Wolf Music have gained themselves a reputation for consistently putting out top quality records. On the labels' 9th release Greymatter served up a slice of dark brooding house called 'Give It To Me Slow'. This excellent track has recently been given the remix treatment by quality house producers San Soda, Session Victim and Casino Times for the Wolf EP 012.

First up to bat is San Soda who tones down the synths in favour of a more focal jackin' bassline, right on the money. This is followed up by a Greymatter original, 'Tief'. 'Tief' is the kind of track that will make your hairs stand on end in a club, bringing a restrained agression and edge to the dancefloor atmosphere. The flip side first sees berlin duo Session Victim provide a stripped back rework, adding a jazz flavour with the help of ascending synth chords layered on top of a snippet of the original vocal sample. Casino Times wrap things up nicely. The first break down appears early on, a swirling fog of intertwined synth lines and echoed vocals builds up to tipping point before a weighty bassline forces it's way through the other side, the kind of drop that makes you grit your teeth in appreciation. You can check out the original and the four tracks off the new EP below.

Wolf EP 012 - Greymatter [Wolf Music]

All in all another very strong release from the boys over at Wolf Music, it seems they can do know wrong at the moment. If you aren't familiar with the label we'd really recommend you check out their back catalogue. Hit Juno to buy this release now.

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