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Introducing EJECA

We've been meaning to get this post up about EJECA since hearing the unmistakable 'Tetra' which takes Mary J Blige's anthem 'Family Affair' and turns it into perfect 120 ammunition. This track features alongside 'X Girl' and 'Pushed' on a vinyl only EP released by Tusk Wax which apparently came out on 16 April (according to Juno and is now out of stock!) however it is still forthcoming at Picadilly and Chemical.

Tetra - EJECA [Tusk Wax]

We were reminded of this release by the Bicep remix of 'Pushed' which is causing a stir across the world wide web at present...

Pushed (Bicep Remix) - EJECA [Tusk Wax]

We picked this up off his Soundcloud a while ago and it looks like it's not there anymore so we've re-upped it for your listening pleasure. It could do with a bit more variation overall but will work well in a mix or in the club.

Dropped - EJECA

We look forward to the Bicep vs EJECA material forthcoming on Aus Music sometime soon.

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