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Featuring SUNKLOW

With a second release coming this week, things are looking pretty good for fledgling label, Sunklo. Perhaps it's not the anthemic output people have come to expect from Boddika and Joy Orbison but it is as strong, if not more so, than Froth/Mercy or Swims.

Dun Dun - Boddika & Joy O [forthcoming SUNKLO]

With Dun Dun/Prone, both tracks really are tight, crisp slices of straight up Techno, the A-side being a dancefloor friendly rhythmic affair and the flip being melodic and synth driven.

Prone - Boddika & Joy O [forthcoming SUNLKO]

This will only be available on vinyl and is a limited pressing so make sure you grab a copy via Rubadub or keep your eyes peeled for copies available later this week from all other outlets.

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