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We're recruiting further...

Last time we sent out this message we were overwhelmed with the response. Here we are again at that time to expand. We also promised a new website but that's still in the works.

We're looking for purveyors of fine electronic music, no matter whether it's Disco, House, Techno or somewhere in between. Eligible applicants will be confident in written English and basic HTML, although it is not essential, whilist having an ear for quality newcomers or unrecognised releases. Purchasing music on the regular is a must, be it digital or, even better, vinyl.

If you'd like to be part of the journey, here's what your application should contain:

  • Your current top 10 tracks
  • Your top 10 producers/bands to watch at the moment
  • 100 words on either one of the tracks or a producer
  • 50 words on why you think you'd fit in at HH
  • Any other attributes you have to offer eg. graphic design, web development, event management etc

A few perks if you're not already keen:

  • Guestlist/free entry to clubnights
  • Press passes/invitations to festivals and product launches
  • Access to upfront releases from a number of labels and artists
  • Products and clothing from various brands, including our own
  • Opportunities to interview/liase with your favourite artists/labels
  • Worldwide recognition for your work
  • Your own email address
  • A reference for your CV

The more you put in, the more you'll get out. Please email contribute at hushhouse.net (obviously replacing 'at' with the @ symbol).


josh mobbs said...

hey where do i send my application

Hush House said...

contribute at hushhouse dot net

Anonymous said...

Hey there,
Do the ten tracks need to be current tracks or just tracks that I am enjoying currently?