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Summer's here...!

The sun rarely makes an appearance in England, when it does, we all like to think it's here to stay. Here's a few tracks to make sure are on your iPods for that next time you head to the park with beers and speakers in hand.

Try Again - Loki Laredo [forthcoming Assembly Point]

All That - Loki Laredo [buy at Juno Download]

Hafflinger - Lauer [buy at Juno Download]

Hypnotized (B-Team Remix) - Eddie Matos [buy at Juno Download]

Those aren't free downloads so here a few that are. Perhaps a couple are a touch on the girly vibe but, if you're chilling with girls, there's no harm in that.

2nite (Late Nite Tuff Guy Re-Edit) - Narada Michael Walden

What's Love Got To Do (Zimmer Rework) - Tina Turner

Got Somebody - Moon Boots

Let Me Love You - Andi de Luxe

1 comment:

lluu nndd said...

that Moon Boots song is out of this world stick to the bag and your fingers and smell up the whole house dope. thanks for