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Featuring SKUDGE

Possibly the most exciting and hotly anticipated remix series on the planet is back for it's sixth instalment. SKUDGE006R sees Marcel Dettmann and Answer Code Request rework 'Man On Wire' and 'Wonder Stories' respectively.

Dettman reshapes 'Man On Wire' by replacing the prominent synth melody with a lower pitched growl, restructuring the beat and adding a healthy dose of hi-hats. This switches up the rolling groove from the original in favour of a hazier, almost hypnotic aesthetic.

Man On Wire (Marcel Dettmann Remix) - Skudge [Skudge Records]

Answer Code Request may be a less familiar name to many but the low lying producer more than holds his own with his take on the unreleased 'Wonder Stories'. Metallic twinges, ethereal synth lines and short gasps of breath make for an understated yet atmospheric b-side.

Wonder Stories (Answer Code Request Remix) - Skudge [Skudge Records]

No info on a release date as of yet so keep an eye on Skudge's Facebook for updates on that. In other news, Skudge recently announced that they have a release forthcoming on Nonplus. When Boddika took over the label last month he said to expect some 'very cool shit to be happening' , this is exactly the kind of 'shit' we were hoping for.

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Anonymous said...

Skudge! can't wait for this release. And also the repess of 001-3