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Forensics Myspace


Krystian, also known as Forensics sent over a promo pack with some lovely tunes in it. Orignally from Bristol, where he still co-runs the Ruffnek Diskotek night, but has been based in London for the last 10 years.

Forensics has 3 albums already out on Digital Sin Recordings and in addition has releases on DubKraft Records & Eight:FX Records. His tracks have been played by the likes of Aquasky, Friction, Plastician, he's been interviewed on Radio 1 and has also been featured in many magazines including Mixmag. For more info and mixes check the very comprehensive Forensics Blog.

This first one is a very gentle, soothing on the ears lullaby. Try it.

Exile (Feat. Indi Kaur) - Forensics

These three off the Endgame Remixes EP especially caught my attention and I can't stop playing the Two Oh One remix!

Endgame (DZ Remix) - Forensics
Endgame (R. Demon Remix) – Forensics
Endgame (Two Oh One Remix) – Forensics [RUDEEE]

Buy it...

His latest EP drops today on Digital Sin Recordings. Go pick it up either at Digital Tunes or at Addictech.

For a little sneaky preview:

Wilderness – Forensics


P.S – Don’t listen to these on rubbish speakers as I’m sure you wouldn’t – and make sure you go pick up the 320s of the ones that take your fancy.



Ant said...

We need more Two Oh One stuff.

Miig said...

I'll see what I can do...