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Egyptian Gash



The up n coming Egyptrixx, just sent over this brand new screaming monster taken from his forthcoming All That Jelly EP out on Vicious Pop Records in Jan/Feb time. His sound definitely isn’t just bassline though, anything bass heavy! He fits into the same scene as Kanji Kinetic, and every song’s a different mixture between dubstep/bassline/electro/garage – the later stuff pushing more and more onto the dubstep scene. All bouncy goodness with lots of energy. Definitely check their myspaces for more examples of their BIG playful, bassy sounds.

“Egyptrixx walks a thin line between Ghettotech, Jackin’ House, Bassline and Dubstep.”

Use Magic To Kill Death – Egyptrixx
Kevin Costner Mixtape – Egyptrixx
The Power (Kanji Kinetic) – Snap!
Running Away (Kanji Kinetic) – Space Cowboy

I first heard about Kanji Kinetic this time last year, now pretty big in the bass scene but I think he’s gonna get even bigger. Get his Bakemono & Shock Tactics EPs – they’re well good innit.

Next I have to thoroughly recommend buying the Foreign Beggars Hit That Gash Remixes EP (out on vinyl 2nd February). It comes with 9 remixes and pretty much every one is a goody. I’d also recommend their other albums if you haven’t already discovered them, and like little a bit of Hip Hop. I saw these boys for the first time in November while I was visiting a friend at Leeds – small venue and it was rammed. I see the Foreign Beggars as the top dogs in the UK Hip Hop scene. Clever lyrics, good beats and a bouncy live show – which then halfway through drops into dubstep to make it even better. Don’t really know much about Hip Hop, but I do know that UK is a lot better than American! Well, that’s just my opinion of course.

Gash is up there with some of the most horrible words in our vocabulary – along with clunge and cunt (I don’t see a problem with cunt but lots of girls disagree!), but here we have to love it. Here’s a dirty Dubstep re-rub from DJ Primecuts (watch out for his productions in ’09) and a filthy Electro remix from Kid Dub.

Hit That Gash (DJ Primecuts ReRub) – Foreign Beggars
Hit That Gash (Kid Dub Remix) – Foreign Beggars

Foreign Beggars

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