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Link On - No.1

doodle by me

Hopefully these will be appreciated as music you may not of heard...

A bit off topic I know, but a truly amazing producer and musican. He's been around the block releasing records of many different styles and is signed to Warp Records. Jamie Liddell famous for experimental early electronic music and then remaking his musical career with high energy live electro-funk shows.

Heres one of his original tracks taken from his most recent album JIM.

Jamie Liddell - Multiply

And another of his tracks:

Very 'good' + musically interesting, he uses alot of live sampling vocal samples beat boxing etc for his shows and adds alot of 'performance elements' to his sets.

This track really caught my eye - it's the track in the video but with a remix by Mr. Oizo. It has an original sound much like the rest of his stuff. Straight upbeats with off beat piano stabs. Perfect walking music.

Jamie Liddell - Little Bit Of Feel Good (Mr.Oizo Mix)

Continuing with Mr.Oizo, heres a track he did from the recent Lambs Anger EP featuring Uffie on vocals. I'm very suprised there hasn't been a string of remixes of this track out yet - or atleast one from Feadz.

Mr. Oizo - Steroids (Feat. Uffie)

And the lastly.. a few Uffie tracks you may not of heard by Paris based M.I.T.C.H. found these a year or so ago, so may be well known to some of you but if not, quite a nice range of remixes.

M.I.T.C.H. - Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Larytta Remix) (bit Santogold'y)

M.I.T.C.H. - Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Feadz's Vocal Remix) (different...)

M.I.T.C.H. - Fais Rentrer Les Euros (Unreleased Audioporno Remix) (bassssssyyy)

Kashta x

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