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New & Improved.


While we wait for the much anticipated "Where's My Money Re-Edit" here's a little wobbly something to keep you hooked.

I advise you to travel any distance to see these dudes. The mixing will be fantastic but more importantly the tunes will BLOW YOUR MIND!

14 Jan 2009 - Supercharged @ Audio, Brighton
17 Jan 2009 - The Love Apple, Bradford
23 Jan 2009 - AOTG @ Old Queens Head, London
24 Jan 2009 - Bright Skateboard Show, Frankfurt
30 Jan 2009 - The Hub, London
13 Feb 2009 - Ekko, Utrecht
14 Feb 2009 - Westerunie, Amsterdam
20 Feb 2009 - Moda, Lincoln
21 Feb 2009 - Roadhouse, Manchester
27 Feb 2009 - SUPERFILTH!!!, London
06 Mar 2009 - Club Gare, Porto
07 Mar 2009 - Mini Mercado, Lisbon
12 Mar 2009 - Lush, Halifax
13 Mar 2009 - Tour TBA, USA
18 Apr 2009 - Concorde 2, Brighton
24 Apr 2009 - Bangface Weekender, Camber Sands
25 Apr 2009 - Origin, Aberdeen

Yes yes they've done it again - their twist on S O VEEEE is as per the usual loveliness. Check the original here.

I Got You Dancing (Jack Beats Remix) - Lady Sovereign


P.S There's at least a couple of other Jack Beats tracks on this blog - you just have to find them!


Deadbeat said...

Gratitude for the upload - on the Jack Beats tip just picked up What from Beatport, released today. Pure sickness.
Not too sure about the B8B remix tbh but maybe it's a grower...

Miig said...

yeh that What track is a gooden.

Fogbank never impressed me that much but... it will grow on you a bit and it is much better when it's played on a funktion 1 or summink.

i doubt you'll here it out that much though cos tis nearly a year old.

sick producers. i have high expectations of their debut EP.

Miig said...

oh actually... I haven't heard the boy 8 bit remix of What. I thought you meant jack beats remix of boy 8 bit. Ha. I'll go look it up now.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Miig said...

Tripe is a type of edible offal from the stomachs of various domestic animals.

I'm glad you like to describe music in that way.