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Has she got you dancing like this?

Little Dude

S O Veeeeee. This might put me to shame but, I did kinda like her last stuff. There was something about that nasty little chav girl with the aggressive lyrics which I enjoyed. This was a couple of years back though. I didn’t realise how big she has got! However, after a quick look at her myspace, I have a small feeling, clothes, hair, as well as the style of this track, she has changed a little. I might be completely wrong. We’ll see when the album drops in ‘09. Probably doesn’t appeal to too many but thought I should make you aware.

I Got You Dancing - Lady Sovereign

I reckon dancing on your knees is also quite difficult.

Black Flag (Pirate Soundsystem) - Duchess Says

This is the kinda shit that should be going down at Dance Club tonight. Be there.

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