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Perhaps we like DUBSTEP more?

Yes we do.

I was listening to some remixes of this song the other day on Youtube and was really digging the vocals - I remember when that “Murder In Jamrock” came out on Cut n Run, I loved it. Not a complex remix from someone who put that bassline under the snowman but I think it works well. Add him on his myspace for more tunes in the future.

Welcome To Jamrock (Hereldeduke Re-Step) – Damian Marley

From this next tune we can see people are moving to the Dubstep scene from all angles. A lot of Drum n Bass producers have moved over, some completely and others just experimenting - Benny Page, Ed Solo, Chase n Status etc. FreQ Nasty used to be a breaks DJ/producer, but from what it seems he has kinda moved away from that, especially from the tracklisting of the Fabriclive42 (I have yet to listen to it). Tis interesting. What’s gonna be after dubstep? Anyways maybe I should be calling this track Breakstep? Which is sposed to be coming back in, but also sposed to have already been around before Dubstep. I’m not really clear on the meaning. Kinda this maybe?

Peacemaker – FreQ Nasty vs Propa Tingz

One for all you rude boys out there.

Sick As Sin (Feat. Skamma) - Stagga

Following on from the rest, this one doesn’t quite fit in... but the original does. Has been around for a while so just incase you didn’t pick it up, this is a lovely bum n drass version.

At Night (Zinc Remix) – Benga & Coki

A gentle instrumentally souly thing to lul you to sleep. At first I thought it was boring cos it isn’t so lively and upbeat but… just appreciate it for the chill factor.

Last Saloon Swagger (Feat. Joker & Ben Blackmore) - Forsaken


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