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Jingle Bells Dubstep Banger.

The Widdler Exclusive

Not quite. Sorry to have mislead you slightly but I'm not sure there is or ever should be such a thing. We do have one little exclusive though which I don't think you'll find too easily anywhere else. Hype.

"Maaaaaaate, have you heard of the Crookers mate? Ah yes – Day n’ Nite? What an absolute tuuuuuuune mate." Bla bla blaaaaa. Tis the only downside of blogs. If a song is gonna get big it gets big about 8-10 months too late for my liking. Now everyone is playing/talking about that song I’m fucking sick of it! Especially on daytime radio, is that really necessary? Oh well I spose that's just the way the world goes round and the music industry works. Anyways, mate…

…have you heard of this thing called baaaaassssline? So schweeeeeeet mate.

Stick these in your native ears.

Day n’ Nite (Agent X Remix) – Kid Cudi
We Getting’ Crunk – HeavyFeet
Give Me What I Want (Party Sausage Remix) - KIGH

Myself, I’m not a huge fan of bassline but when the odd nicely produced one pops out, well… I like it.

Dubsteppin’ snowmen? What ever next. While we’re on topic, The Widdler who you’ve already had a flavour of in this post, based in New Jersey (which I believe is somewhere over the Atlantic from this small island) has just sent over this tidy version. Chilled. We hope there’s more to come.

Day n’ Nite (The Widdler Dubstep Remix) – Kid Cudi
Monkey Business - The Widdler

Didn’t like this JOTS edit at first but after a couple of weeks in the car, has grown on me. Plus, Crookers shouldn't get all the credit - www.myspace.com/kidcudi.

Day n’ Nite (Jokers of The Scene Remix) – Kid Cudi

Hmm next - maybe going back on what I just said but, for those of you who missed this, but picked up the “Jack Got Jacked” (you might have missed that too? Buy it here) - here is a fidgety arrangement of noises from one of the masters.

Who’s That (Jack Beats Remix) - Trip

New, banging breaksie electro to keep you going. Loud for sure.

The Lock Shot – Goshi Goshi

BIG FAT TROUBLE draws closer. Ahhh yeh, should have a post on this in the next few days. I’m hearing the tickets are getting scarce. No regrets. Not only one of the best line ups I’ve seen for a while, but, Fibs & Thade will be warming up the silent disco from 10-1. Get involved.


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