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"We're not a band" proclaims the myspace page, "we're a lot". No arguments there; they’ve been packing out stages from London to New York in matching t-shirts bearing the Tomb Crew legend for the last year. With five DJs and one MC, they launch dancefloor destroying mixes of anything bass heavy - from b-more to dubstep, garage, grime, electro-house and old skool. As the legions of grinning converts – everyone from grime heads to indie kids - will attest, Tomb Crew are very much the inebriated and debauched sound of Fun.

You could say Tomb Crew are part of the rapidly growing ‘new-bass’ scene – also containing Mumdance, L-Vis 1990 and Oneman - but the truth is they have the mash-up principle down perfectly, the live show to end all live shows and the coolest look in London..

Tomb Crew are coming to East Anglia! Be sure to get down to Ipswich on the 18th if you want to hear some of the freshest sounds and freshest fun. Check the event here.

The lovely guys sent us over this christmas number. Second christmas remix to come out this year that is actually good, along with the snowman remix posted a few days back.

Jingle bells gets bass.

Tomb Crew - Jingle Hells Bells Bmore Stoopid Remix

Find out more on their myspace, plus mixes and updates on their blog Yo Mama!

Rob Sparx is a name few recognize but many respect. Covering dubstep and drum and bass his upstepping style is something similar some of rusko's tunes. With this track he has used the original dub sound with the filthy bass wobbles of the modern age.

Check it.

Rob Sparx - 2 Faced Rasta

Dance Club the night I put on in Norwich, was a huge success this time round, a great night, great crowd - thanks to all those that come. I've been asked to put on another night at short notice this Thursday so thats all gravy.

The above picture is during Fibs and Thade's set - two other writers of this blog. Good times.

One for the road. A nice old bobbing summer tune from Skream that lots seem to not have heard.

Skream - Too Much Sushi

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