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Hello & A Few Special Greetings.

So. Hello. Another blogger for the house. Hopefully starting with a fresh post of some new things for you. I like a varied range of stuff but hopefully people will agree that good stuff is good stuff whatever it is. Hope this is generally good.

Musically firstly..

A lovely Dubstep track from the San Francisco upcoming artist Antiserum, he's not widely known round this area it would seem. Though have started noticing his name circulating a bit more recently crossing styles with a heavy sound but something playable as a perfect warm up song or a perfect finale.. DUBSTEPPERS ARE BACK!

AntiSerum - Top Shottas

Next is a track which I'm really into at the moment, well not so much the track but the remix as of the remix artist in most sense. Modeselektor. Serious respect for these guys. Amazing production style originallity and all. go find and listen to everything and eveery collabaration they have ever done. The track is done by Ghislain Poirier hailing from Zaire mostly known for playing dancehall/reggae/electronica so this is quite a nice change with an almost dubstep edge blending a switch like mix onto a dancehall dub track

Ghislain Poirier - Blazin' (Modeselektor Remix)

Finally before i crash a track which i'm pretty sure you wont have heard.. a wonderfull sounding track from such a new kid on the block Dodger Man a 19 year old producer from Harrow in north west london. Recieved this track of him a while ago and it seems to work well really like the sound of the wobble the beats and the works. watch for this name. There IS something there.

Dodger Man - Squrima

Hope that gives you enough to get your teeth into, best of luck with not getting a bass face on..


p.s. a little design.

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