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Get taken...

This is an introduction for those who have no idea what this name means. For those that do, I’m sorry, but... you may learn something new, but probably not. Who knows.

I’ve been following this dude for a while now and he doesn’t cease to impress with his production skills. He started off making techno but has now very much swayed onto the heavy bass club scene. The latest masterpiece which I’ve picked up, The Lighter, originally a bum n’ drass track, is one of my favourites which spurred the need for this post. He’s had a lot of blog attention over the last year and is now signed to DJ Donna Summer’s brand new Nightshifters label who seem to be well down with the blogging scene, Donna Summer writing for birthdaypartyberlin and another signee 4am Jess writing for trashmenagerie. AC Slater, who is also a master of the scene, has joined that label too - giving it the potential to be pretty massively huge. Go easy with these.

The Lighter
Mash Up The Speaker
Snake Charmer

Hang Me Out To Dry (Hostage Remix)
Limit of Your Mind (Hostage Ravemix)
Bill Cosby Sweater (Hostage Remix)
Frequency (Hostage Remix)
Lets Push Things Forward (Hostage Remix)


Ended up a few more than I expected, just couldn’t decide which ones would showcase him the best. There’s more. I tried putting them in some kinda order but I can’t remember in which order they were around or which order I like them. Ha. I definitely prefer the later stuff. What’s he gonna be like in another 6-12 months time? Shit hot I reckon.

Like it? His first EP was out on Monday so if you’re digging… go buy it.

Going on a journey or summink soon? Stuff this onto your iPod for a seamless ride through his world of bass ridden filth.

Hostage Mix October 2008

For those of you that that wasn’t an introduction, I hope this is sufficient.

Choices – Nero

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