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Twisted Minimal?

Techno. Techno. Tech. Techno.

Open your ears - don’t be scared off by the title. Be adventurous. I dare you.

If you haven’t heard of Mowgli then I probably say you’ve been missing out. This is the kinda music I associate with trendy Shoreditch-goers but perhaps this is just a strange misconception which I have in my head. Solo and Mowgli, both with releases on DeadFish Records have a unique sound, kinda minimal crossed with tribally breaks crossed with electro crossed with – I dunno. Check it.

Alma Gitana – Mowgli
Roll Off (Solo Remix) – Cornershop [RUDEEE]

Solo’s We Are The Midgets EP was out at the end of November so go pick it up here.

This one is on a similar kinda level but without the same energy and distinctive squarking bass. See? Maybe not. Nice though.

Eat The Positive (Smash TV Remix) – Terry Toner

I wouldn’t really call Mowgli or Solo minimal at all but they fit under this title better than electro or dubstep! So while on the subject, this is an older remix but it is wicked good like.

Lazy (Mowgli Wobblin’ Mix) – X-Press 2
Smoke Machine (Solo Remix) – X-Press 2

Mowgli also has a Minimal-Tech side project which he goes under the name of MINIMOW. If I had any of these tunes, I would share - unfortunately this is not the case.

Now. I learnt of Tim Green from the Audio Bullys’ Flickery Vision EP which is filled with lovely remixes but, I think the original does it best for me. Go buy it here. Whenever I listen to this song, I have this image of a hare or something bounding across fields with knee length grass and dandelions as the night draws in - with this as the soundtrack. Weird. Despite that, it rolls along very nicely. This might be how you're feeling at about 4am New Years Day!

Flickery Vision (Tim Green Remix) – Audio Bullys
Feign – Tim Green

This was one of Curb Crawlers' remixes of the year. I’m not so sure about that but it definitely needs a listen or two. Claude VonStroke you’ll all remember was that one who did the original of Who’s Afraid Of Detroit? before the Stanton Warriors made it unforgettable. Chilled.

War Paint (Claude VonStroke Remix) - Poxymusic

Perhaps all this is Tech-House? I hate the word/label House so let’s not call it that.

Completely off the general gist of this post but may take your ears some time to get into. I was reminded yesterday by someone saying something about indie-electro. Different but, were a popular choice in the summer. I dig lots. Happy happy happy.

Did U Wrong (Stealthdisco Skimix) – The Clik Clik
Seasnake (Stealthdisco Remix) – Cleft Palettes

Check The Clik Clik myspace – a friend of a friend’s band. Please would you shut up about your dunks?

I was gonna stick some Riva Starr in here as well cos I’m liking his stuff lots at the moment and it’s kinda twisted minimal but there’s plenty here to keep you busy till ’09. I'll do a post on him soon.

Have a wonderful party wherever it may be. Don’t do anything your mother wouldn’t like. Ha.

safe t.

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