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BERLIN (is cool)

David.E.SugarDavid.E.Sugar is a recognizable name hitting the London scene a fair few times over the past couple of years as well as producing some amazing electronica featured on the Kitsune label. This track was released a while back but I recently rediscovered it on shuffle mode. Still love it the same, long intro but kicks in with some original electro sounds.

David.E.Sugar - Oi Oi Berlin This Is London (Hot Chip Remix)

JahcooziOnce I thought about posting the above track it reminded me of the fantastic track BLN by Jahcoozi, I first heard of them around a year or so ago via an article in mixmag or some magazine and the concept seemed interesting. Just now I ran over to their myspace for a recap. Fuck. Love the sounds. Not sure how to describe them. They do it alright with their myspace genre set as Tropical/Grindcore/Idol but quoting from the well written soul seduction:

Jahcoozi : A low-end grime-tech-dub-rave-tronic monster that effortlessly boils down these infinite shades of electronica into an irresistible blend of pop.

Think that does it for me. Check out their new track on their myspace or listen to BLN below.

Jahcoozi - BLN

Also I seriously advise listening to a variety of the other tracks as well. Lots contain very different genres styles and recording methods such as the dubstep side of "Rainbow Coloured Rizzla".

Aswell as their amazing collection of music, another thing that makes me like them more and more is their images, band or DJ images are hard to achieve in originality and attractiveness but, somehow Jahcoozi manage to pull it off each time. Maybe they just have some sweet photographer friends? I don't know but I like it.

Here's a few:
JahcooziAlso a slight bonus from an unheard of and new producer. Datsik has sent me over this track titled Gecko which is serious bass talk for someone with only a 1000 plays on his myspace page.

DatsikA little background on him:

"I'm a 20 year old hiphop head turned dubstep. Turned hard dubstep. I try to find other things to do with my time but it doesn't really work. I live in B.C. Canada, theres definitely a growing scene here. I felt the power of the darkside, and realized that this was my calling. I am unsigned as of now, kinda just waiting for the right oppurtunity to pop up."

Think the time might be soon mate. Amazing sounds I'm hearing, keep em coming.

Datsik - Gecko

Also to come is a small review of last week up till yesterday - covering Dance Club on Thursday, playing 93 Feet East on Friday, Big Fat Trouble with Reso and Herve on Saturday and then played Havanas in Norwich on Monday. Bizzee bee!

Plus within the first week of the New Year I'll be posting exclusive interviews with Reso and The Squatters. Stay tuned!

Merry Christmas in an hour and a quarter.

Kashta x

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jahcoozi are sick mate.