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Do you smoke Paul?

Baked From Scratch (Bombermen Remix) - Hatiras

Now just chill and...

Be Cool - DZ

Extra wobblin' monsters? Lucky dip... it is Christmas after all.
C.Y.O.A (AC Slater Remix) - Hearts Revolution

AC Slater only goes upwards in my good books. Both on the same label, both with lovely producing and remixing skills - as said before in this post, there's a bright future ahead of us with these two working together. This is brand spanking new. HYYYPPPPE.

Shake It (AC Slater Remix) - Hostage [RUDEEE]

This one I'd like to count as an exclusive, well kinda. I saw it was in his top 10 tunes of the month and it was in the tracklisting of his radio1 show so I was intrigued to hear what it was like. I'm gonna take some of the credit for him letting it out as it got posted a day after we exchanged emails. Ha. Pretty much boyfriends now. People can call him a sell out n all that shiz but... his sets are fucking good, he's got a hot lady, regular radio1 show and all the students love him. Not a massive fan of some of his tunes but that latest one with Herve is alright nonetheless. Purchase the 12" here or the mp3 which was out on Cheap Thrills today here.

Dance Wiv Me (Aston Shuffle Mix - Kissy Klub Edit) - Dizzee Rascal

In the meantime, watch out for A1 Bassline's We Love Pussy and Jack Beats' Where's My Money.


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