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Old but...


After another listen through to the average first diary from the apparent Afro Warrior, apart from "26 Basslines" (which has probably had it's fair share of plays) my thoughts are still average. However - this monster caught my ears off guard. Starts off suspiciously, slowly builds up the warrior antics with a lovely throbbing rhythm among gestures of hatred - when you’re thinking the enemy is nowhere to be seen and all the war cries were for no motive, it drops into the middle of a fierce wobbly battle, full of sin and dominance! Ha. Definitely not for little speakers, needs to be slipped into a mix somewhere for sure. Or possibly editing - Thade? Go on Fibs.

The Cut - Benga (without shitty album vocals)

Not quite on the same line of action but still a nice little unstable number going on underneath my baby Little Boots' Meddle...

Meddle (Joker Remix) - Little Boots

(Snake Eater - Joker)

(Satisfied (Toddla T & Ross Orton Remix) - Esser)

I think Little Boots is one of the first people to make it onto the music scene through the use of Youtube. See some of the homemade videos for yourself. If you like the sound, her Arecibo EP was released recently - perhaps give her some support with a purchase. Comes with a cheeky B-side too:

Meddle (Ebola Remix) - Little Boots

Definitely check her out and while you’re there give this trendy little beauty a quick look in too. I reckon she's about to get pretty big, going on tour with Lily Allen, just been signed to Polydor (some may say this is already pretty big) and first single out on Kitsuné 15th December. Tis alright for some.

Quicksand - La Roux

(Quicksand (Beni Remix) - La Roux)

Fascination - La Roux

Thinking of getting an electronic album to add to the collection? Maybe on the cheap end of the christmas list? While Kitsuné is on the mind this would be a good choice. A-Trak? Beni? Ted & Francis? Nice.

We Are The People (Ted & Francis Remix) - Empire Of The Sun

Next is this little number from Prodigy, no introducing needed. While we wait for the next album to be realeased, here's a little taster sounding a bit like Does It Offend You, Yeah?. Get me. Well the old stuff anyways, they seem to have turned into bit of a gay/emo/teenage american punk ish band. Silly.

Invaders Must Die - The Prodigy

BONUS: Hear Me (AC Slater) - Drop The Lime

safe t.

PS. Does anyone know what the reason for this was, apart from maybe him stealing a microphone?

Banquet (The Streets Mix) - Bloc Party

AND... some feedback/comments would be nice. which tunes you like/don't like/hate/what you want more of/links to good songs you've found/funny shit.

I'm sure Fibs & Thade would like that too. Or even just your name maybe.

*even though the tracks say they are 256kbps or whatever, you can't always believe what it says on the label.

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