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Introducing LEVEL 67

Level 67

Daniel, also know as Level 67 is a 21 year old producer from Sweden. He's been active in the music business for a long time, producing his music with Reason and a keyboard out of his apartment in Stockholm. Only very recently has he been converted to the Dubstep scene. His influences come from a variety of genres – mainly Rap and Grime acts around the world but, in his own words - “the best influence is my daily life.”

“Level 67 has big things coming!”

I’ll go with him on that one if he carries on with this electro/dub/dubstep filth topped off with some dark vocal snippets. Check his myspace for a couple of other tunes (not too much info from what I can see – but that will come).

I’m sure he’d love some encouragement and feedback from the listeners.

Bitten Neck (Feat. Skevist)


Des Droid [HEAVY]

Grab & Run [RUDEEE AFTER 2.00 MARK]

Level 67


Anonymous said...

Level 67 is siiick but can you fix the link for bitten neck cos it goes to Grab & Rush, thx

Anonymous said...

big up. sick tracks!

Miig said...

Link fixed...