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This is the first installement of the BLOCK ROCKIN' BEATS series.

I wasn't gonna do another post until Wednesday but seeing as I've been itching to get these out cos they are so RUDEEEEEE... I thought why not. You're not allowed to even preview these through your laptop speakers - go find a big rig, stick it in the back of a lorry and be as antisocial as you can. Wake those fucking neighbours up and get them jiggling. I hope that you like these as much as I do - I also hope you haven't heard any of them!

1. Dope Fiend (Tommie Sunshine & Udachi Remix) - Audio Bullys
Udachi - every track I hear gets better and better.

2. Dem Na Like Me (King Cannibal Remix) - The Qemists (feat. Wiley)
Dem Na Like Me EP - coming out soon n has got some big remixes on it.

3. Right Here (The Deficient Remix) - Brandy
The Deficient - used to be called nickY but has changed style so new name... BIG things to come I reckon. (just needs to get rid of the gay vocals!)

4. Blow It Up (DJ Barletta Remix) - Pseudonympho
DJ Barletta - always heavy on the bass, also getting better with each track.

5. Movin It Over Here (Digital Filth's Filthy Remix) - Foamo
Foamo - had a massive year last year... we can only wait.


1 comment:

Deadbeat said...

Safe for the uploads - Qemists track is ubersick. That Deficient remix is also heavy as hell but you're right about the batty vocals... bassline style.