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photo credit: Michael Thomas

Mirror State, the second 'M... State' that's graced our mix series, is a fairly new name to be looking out for. The Australian has been making serious waves recently, attracting a lot of attention on Soundcloud, in particular his collaboration with Buck UK on a forthcoming EP due out on Car Crash Set (read about that here). He fuses Dubstep and Garage which ends up sounding something like this...

Soulo Mission (Mirror State Remix) - Rora Realis

Enola - Buck UK & Mirror State

Ex Space - Mirror State

This mix is rammed full of dubs and forthcomings so you can guarantee you won't have heard many of these tunes before.


01. Rora Realis - Soulo Mission (Mirror State Remix) [dub]
02. Admin & Mahni - Formattin' [dub]
03. Acre - Effected The Most [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
04. Sorrow - Reminiscence [dub]
05. Buck UK - Aphrodite [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
06. Kid Smpl - Comfort [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
07. Modepth - Adalene [dub]
08. GSUB - All I Want (Whistla Remix) [Cordovan Records]
09. Troy Gunner - No More Tears [L2S]
10. TRicky Strutt - Don't Leave [dub]
11. Clueless - Aha [dub]
12. Mirror State - Bad Connections [forthcoming Gradient Audio]
13. Modepth - First Second [dub]
14. Figgy - How You Feel [dub]
15. Buck UK & Mirror State - The Way I've Seen [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
16. Mirror State - Dead Things Stay Dead Things [Flaming Idiot Audio]
17. Kid Smpl - Morning (Archie Pelago Remix) [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
18. Buck UK - Rain [forthcoming Slime]
19. Clueless - Void [L2S]
20. Mirror State - Ex Space [dub]
21. Blind Prophet - From June To June [dub]

Make sure you follow his movements on Facebook, Twitter and Soundcloud.


Kiffy said...

What track comes in at 13:20?

D.A.R.Y.L said...

LARGE UP mirro state and big ups for tracklisting Admin & Mahni "formattin" >>> forthcoming B.YRSLF division <3

Miig said...

Kiffy it's track 5: Buck UK - Aphrodite

GIBBO said...

Quality mix from start to finish. Big up Mirror State and the Hush House massive !