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Introducing JOSEKI

Our first encounter with new label, Connect For Music, came in January with the 'Functions EP', featuring the immensely talented Morris Cowan showcasing some dubby techno-influenced touches, alongside two tracks from label brainchild JoSeki. The release showed enough of a variety of influences to warrant further investigation into their subsequent releases, which we recently found out to be two further EP's due in late May and June/July respectively.

On listening to the three tracks made available to us, the multiple influences once again became apparent. The tracks certainly seem to have their routes in the old school, with some fairly tough sounding basslines sounding like they've come straight of the mid-West, but rather than taking that and looking to make a terrace anthem of the sort that are getting pushed by Hot Creations etc, he has applied vocal snippets and atmospheric pads that would seem equally at home in the murky world of the modern underground UK house scene. It is an interesting style that definitely feels like it is doing some different to most on this side of the pond at the moment. There are some moments where there are things going on which feel like slightly detract from the groove, but other moments where everything fits together almost hypnotically. There is definitely potential here, and the label is one to keep an eye on in the future. Until we have full release details, check out the sounds below:

Ubiquitec - JoSeki

Original Copy - JoSeki

Beat Acoustics - JoSeki

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