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Featuring SPECTR

Paul Rose is a super-producer. Whether he is known as Scuba, SCB or Spectr it doesn't matter, it's all quality. His latest release is coming out on Roska's ever growing stronger Kicks & Snares label on 20 June 2011.

The A side 'Dance 4 Me' is the favourite with big summer vibes written all over. A steady 2-steppy pattern breaks down as an endearing female vocal ascends for the drop when you'll no doubt find your feet twitching or head nodding whilst your finger reaches for the volume. The preview below doesn't do it justice as you need the intro and breakdown to appreciate when the track comes to life. Melodic and bass heavy, that's what we love isn't it?

Dance 4 Me / I Know - Spectr

For those that haven't clocked SCB's 'Loss' - you're missing out.

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