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Featuring KID SMPL

20 year old Seattle bass music producer, Kid Smpl, has a couple of EPs coming out. The first, Digital Hands EP, features five Dubstep and Garage tunes, and is forthcoming on Subdepth Records. With Burial-esque vocal samples and a continuous layer of white-noise and static, Kid Smpl achieves a unique, deep sound.

Digital Hands EP - Kid Simpl [forthcoming Subdepth]
  1. Digital Hands
  2. On My Mind
  3. Seasons
  4. Women
  5. U Were
The second release, Ghostsuit EP, is forthcoming on Car Crash Set. It is on the chiller end of the dubstep spectrum, and features a couple of remixes from VVV and Archie Pelago.

Morning - Kid Simpl [forthcoming Car Crash Set]
  1. Morning
  2. Healer
  3. Ghostsuit
  4. Morning (VVV Remix)
  5. Morning (Archie Pelago Remix)
Featured below is the music video for Kid Smpl's ambient gem, "Healer."

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