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Featuring SEAN ROMAN

Having received several tracks from Sean Roman a couple of months back, we deliberated about posting them because we thought their disco-tinged vibes were too far removed from where Hush House comes from to warrant a review. It seems, however, that slowly but surely the boundaries between different scenes are being eradicated. Just as crossover artists blurred the distinction between techno/house and dubstep/garage, now artists are increasingly looking to the disco/house origins in the distant past of electronic music for their inspiration for production projects. To ignore these influences will ultimately be counter-productive. With that in mind, plus acknowledging the fact that everybody likes freebies, I persuaded myself to put a few of these up.

Most of you will have clocked Sean Roman last year, with big tracks such as 'Lick' and 'Phone Call' garnering support from players in high places such as Wolf & Lamb and Lee Foss in 2010. Sean now looks set to consolidate upon those successes and cement his place in a constantly evolving Canadian scene that has also spawned Jacques Greene and Azari & III. The first download for you is an edit of a classic, originally produced by New York house pioneer and legend Larry Levan. It oozes with the sort of twinkling slo-mo cool you would expect from an 80's edit; one for the Summer afternoons.

Let Me Feel Your Heartbeat (Prod. Larry Levan) (Sean Roman Edit) - Glass

Next up is a track from Sean's side project, 'White Lions'. What sounds like its about to turn into a full on cheesey anthem ends up adding an eery synth line that balances the vocals out nicely, allowing the bassline to quietly go about its work in the background.

I Need A Rhythm - White Lions

Finally, an older one from last year, 'What to Do' is one of the few songs to feature pitched up vocals which actually work. The vocals add to the echoing cloud of comfort which works around the irresistible groove at the track's core.

What To Do - Sean Roman

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