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Featuring BOK BOK

L-Vis 1990's partner in crime, Rinse FM regular and futuristic graphic designer Alex Sushon (aka Bok Bok) has finally compiled an EP of his own material to put out on the widely respected Night Slugs label. Following on from Egyptrixx's album 'Bible Eyes' and an absolutely killer white label release, Bok Bok's Southside EP [NS010] will hit the stores within the next few weeks.

The EP reflects the UK meets US vibes that the Night Slugs gang have down to a tee. Heavy grime influences can be heard on 'Silo Pass' (wouldn't be surprised if a few MCs rush to vocal this one) whilst 'Reminder' rolls out nicely with a grimey lead line, ghetto drums and that fashionable acid twist.

Bok Bok plays alongside Jam City down at Wire on 18th May for the launch night of Square One. Check the event out here.

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