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Featuring BUCK UK

Cut Records has released another EP, this time by Manchester-born, Buck UK. The release, entitled Once EP, features an original ambient garage tune by Buck UK as well as a dub-techno remix by Essáy, of Cut Record's last release, Distance & Lights EP.

Once - Buck UK

Once (Essáy's Ambstep Mix) - Buck UK

In typical Cut Records fashion, Once EP is available for free or for any price you choose on their bandcamp page.

1 comment:

totte stankovich said...

Buck UK has stolen a tune from me: http://soundcloud.com/totte-stankovich/restless
and he claims that is his http://soundcloud.com/buckuk/without

Its a shame to go that lo for a little fame. Just because your lacking tallant, you dont steal others work!
How embarrassing for you Buck.. ouch...

Totte Stankovich