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Introducing TAAL MALA

Taal Mala is a Vancouver, BC based dubstep producer. He is a member of the infamous Lighta! Soundsystem of Vancouver, which has been running tings in western Canada as far as dubstep and any other dubwise bass music goes. Taal Mala has been a stalwart in the westcoast dubstep community since the beginning, with dubstep productions and DJ sets as far back as 2004, before Dubstep was being played by virtually every big name DJ on the west coast. Back then, Lighta! Sound from Vancouver B.C. was bringing relatively unknown artists to North America, such as the Bug, Loefah, and Kode 9, to play underground parties in crowded warehouses and basements to sweaty smiling people about to witness the birth of a new and influential sound. Dubstep has reshaped the face of west coast music and the world of electronic music at large, and Lighta! has been there from the beginning. Known for versatility and originality in both production and DJing, Taal Mala is one to watch out for in the coming future. Tunes made for a big system and not the faint hearted...


Hello (Taal Mala Remix) - AC Slater
Bass II Dark (Taal Mala Remix) - Asylum

320s are available on request, give him a message on myspace innit.

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Big Ups From the Philthkids