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Florence & The Boy

The third single to be taken from Florence & The Machine's stellar debut album 'Lungs' is the highly charged ‘Drumming Song’, out September 7th on Island Records. A song fuelled by unadulterated passion, desire and fear of the unknown when it comes to falling in (and out) of love.

Wasn't expecting this track to be available to share but here we have Boy 8-Bit's huge room version. As usual everything done tip top.

Drumming Song (Boy 8-Bit Remix) - Florence & The Machine [RUDEEE]

Couple of producers from London, GreenMoney, bringing something fresh to our ears combined with top notch production. I refuse to call this genre of music "Funky", saying that I wish I hadn't given into the "Fidget" ballshit! New header and tags needed, oh well, enjoy...

Purdy (GreenMoney Dub) - William Orbit

Jack Beats wobble getting boring? Yeh I reckon...

I'm Not Your Toy (Jack Beats Remix) - La Roux

Look out for Jack Beats remix of Florence, that one's better.


(the)Troika said...

i Fully agree...its not jus the sound of the wobble but they keep putting it in somewhat of the same order...not too hard to change things up

its what eva

Anonymous said...

Yeah, its def not wobble itself, just that most of the producers being focused on do the same shit EVERY song, check myspace/weareahotmess for a change ;)

Anonymous said...

as seen on pelski