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There haven't been many tracks recently but don't worry cos I've been filtering through what's available at the moment. These tracks are mostly on the heavier Dubstep tip.

The picture is along the lines (it's missing a smashed phonebox and a couple of drunk Scots, and ignore the minor flaw that Glasgow is inland) of the image I get when I listen to this first track by the up-and-coming Osky. It's short but filthy enough to leave you not really knowing what just happened! The second is along the lines of a Jakes track, wibbly wobbly...

One Night In Glasgow - Osky
Duck and Cover - Osky

I came across these guys, Orbatak, because they've got a new twist on Machete. All those who know Hazard's version, you need to check this. They've also got a track available for download which is hefty when it drops.

Machete - Orbatak [RUDEEE]
Load n Load - Orbatak

The next from Raven who's attracting attention at the moment. Stagga's been getting a rinsing and now we have a garagey old skool flavoured track which drops with a nice bassline 2/3 the way through. Also check the myspace for a gritty DJ Luck remix.

I Come From - Raven

Another artist who was in that silly play on track names, CaoS on an underground dub reggae vibe, nice deep subby bass.

Them Get Hz - CaoS

Next, picked this up from Rub A Dub Dub and was really impressed with Blackheart's mixdown on this track, really makes a difference to the whole feel. Obviously this isn't the only good thing about the track, definitely needs a listen.

Mission - Blackheart

Part of Ganja White Knight who are a live Dubstep band producing some huge tunes, LeBelgeElectrod has excelled himself on this track. Some glitchy screeching whirring synths, deep wobbly cuts accompanied with some strange vocals. DatsiK?!

The Anger Of The Bonobo - LeBelgeElectrod

Really digging the synths in this one. Check it...

1987 - Sully

These two last ones, less heavy and not the best from either of the remixers but some of you may dig. Old news for the fans though...

Salt Air (Plastician Remix) - Chew Lips
Watch The Sun Come Up (Joker & Ginz Remix) - Example

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