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You've got a secret smile...

The last time you lot heard anything from Jayou around these parts was back in this post. That was ages ago so I decided it was time for a little update. Lots has happened in the last couple of months. He's moved house, been without the internet for a month, had Crack Hands dropped in Dave Taylor's half of the Major Lazer essential mix, been in contact with Diplo about getting Mad Decent exposure, started a sweet new collaboration (I can't tell you who), and finally, made some new tunes...

Blue Magic [RUDEEE]
Secret Smile Remix
Friendly Fire
Crack Hands (Genetic Krew Remix)

As always, go show him some love and tell him where you got his tunes.


Neyull said...

Banging tunes, not loving the Secret Smile remix so much though tbh.

Anonymous said...

Thanx alot. Crack Hands. Thats all I've got to say. Been hunting for this since the major lazer mix.

big up

DJ Hannibal Beretta