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You like this...?

...sometimes it's too stinky but other than that I do.

Suspicious Stench is made up of two widely respected artists in the scene, for those that don't know, they are Stenchman and Suspect. Both have large numbers of releases on various labels and I believe even have a couple/few labels between them.

The exciting news is that they have just put together a compilation album of their tunes which is available to download for free. If you asked me in conversation, I'd probably say that I'm not a massive fan of this kind of Dubstep but as with most genres/sub genres of music it's just because I don't really own much of it and don't really follow what's released etc. Having just listened to Suspect's myspace, there are definitely a few tunes on there which I need to get my mittens on. Back to the point, I know that many people are already big fans and so as not offend anyone, you can get the full album here. I've selected my favourite five, both producers, when on their own or together show their versatility of production skills across the album so here's two chilled and two filthy tracks and well... this skit which I dig lots.

Skit - Suspicious Stench [RUDEEE]

Tranquility - Suspect
Play Games - Stenchman

V.I.P - Suspect
Gutfucker - Stenchman

Anyone who wants to suggest their favourite releases/forthcoming from these two, or similar artists, feel free. I hope you've all got a heavy weekend planned, peees.


Anonymous said...

Gutfucker is BIG!

Anonymous said...

That picture is COVENTRY CATHEDRAL, big up COV!