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Introducing JEUCE

These boys from Leeds/Herts, who go under the name of Jeuce are about to cause a stir with their forthcoming releases. They've already had support from Andy George & Jaymo on one of their original tracks and I'm sure there'll be more radio play in the near future. They fuse electro/disco/dubstep together to create a bouncy hybrid sound. Those who are A1 Bassline fans, I'm sure you'll dig these reworks.

Hurricane Rework - Synth Girl [forthcoming Gash Digital]
Bass Comes In Rework - Jacob Plant [forthcoming CR2 Records]

This one is more on the electro tip but definitely bumps along nicely with some big euphoricy breaks, some of you may have picked this up from here a while ago.

Tomorrow Rework - Ladytron [Netwerk]

There's a live set so if you see a local event I'm sure it'd be an entertaining show. Check the myspace for the dates and a few more tunes.

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