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It's time to present...

It's finally here and I hope you're as excited as I am. The third in our mix series, the previous two getting much love and many many downloads. After lots of requests for a volume two and a slight lack in ideas of a better name, we decided this was only thing to do so we set out weaving a fine selection of tunes into another story of bass and beats. A slightly longer version but we've tried to keep off the heaviness for ease of listening. Share it, put it on a cd for a friend, put it on your iPod, get ready for a night out with, but mostly importantly... I hope you enjoy it. Submissions for Vol. 3 and feedback welcome...


01. Positive Vibes - The Widdler
02. Power of Love – Vishnu
03. ESP – Roke
04. Jump – 16bit
05. Calous – Skream
06. Mash Potato – The Boogaloo Crew
07. We Ball Harder – B. Rich
08. Bitz – Synkro
09. Bits – Chase & Status
10. Purple Love – Silkie
11. Broken – Martyn
12. Fall In Love (Feat. Honey Brown) - Sarantis
13. Sty – Silkie
14. Sketchy Maxx – Mark Instinct
15. Dubelek – MRK1
16. Sludge – Rob Sparx
17. Days Go By – The Boogaloo Crew
18. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang – High Contrast
19. Starlight - Netsky

You may also notice there's no remixes... although there might be a couple of bootlegs it's not often you see a tracklisting with no remixes? Or is that just me?


BEATWINS said...

you guys are strictly a breath of fresh air into the scene! keep up mashing all this different kinda heavy shit, and deliver:D BIG UPS!

Guy said...

mix is fiyahh, link's up now boys

b norm said...

i agree often never see tracklist with no remix

martin said...


b norm said...

id pay to see a live set based off this tracklist and djing in Los Angeles, USA

Anonymous said...

Wicked mix! loving the site, some really good tunes on ere!

I was wondering if you are mixing with turntable or somehting like ableton?