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We've been watching this kid who goes by the name of Kid Simple over the last 6 months with a beady eye. I've had my suspicions but they've now been confirmed as he's come out with this pretty massive remix. Gentle build ups lead you to a soaring yet chilled drop with floating vocals and a nice warm bassline. The Joker esque, but not so prominent, trebley sounds give the track a real summery vibe (kinda like glistening water no?!). You're onto a winner with this one and if you want more, you'll have to go searching but there's other tracks dotted around the blog. The introduction post is here.

Baby Doll (Kid Simple Remix) - Cat Power

Only two today, those long posts I've noticed put you off with the downloads and that's not a good thing. I get carried away sometimes with all the tracks I'm allowed to chuck at you. This one from Octa Push is packed full of bouncy energy and carnival (I want to say brazilian but I'm not sure) vocal snippets accompanied with a nice portion of bass.

Kolokani - Octa Push

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