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Introducing BWANA

Nathan Micay aka Bwana is a 20 year old producer previously based in Toronto, who has recently moved over to Leeds to try and make an impact on the U.K scene. He stated that he can't wait to move over with everything back in Canada being 'just Skrillex, Skrillex, Skrillex!'. This exciting new producer released his first free EP earlier this year on the Infinite Machine label, featured three tracks that each show the diverse and developed skill the young producer has. However the track that propelled Nathan into the public eye was 'Baby, Let Me Finish' - a soothing, bass infused track that uses R&B vocals from Ciara and soft synth chords to slowly seduce and entice the listener. Listening you can't help but hear the influence from other producers such as Koreless and Deadboy, using hypnotic vocals to slowly build and develop the song.

Infinite Machine's quality has been second to none recently with the label releasing work from upcoming producers ∆dmin and 123 Mrk earlier this month and the addition of Bwana to the team has only implemented the strength that they are generating.

Baby, Let Me Finish - Bwana

Bwana's soundcloud page has been a hive of activity over the past couple of months and it was only a matter of time before the young producer took the next step and thought about releasing a 12". Bwana will release his 12" on the Infinite Machine label, which will feature 'It Ain't Done Till It's Over' accompanied by 4 other remixes. This track again uses R&B samples alongside haunting overtones that give off a similar vibe to his previous works but at the same time is individually attractive. Only one remix has been confirmed by Sibian & Faun who give the track a glitched vibe that juggles the vocals and gives the track another dimension. The other remixes have not been confirmed yet but Bwana states it's a 'big lineup' and if the first remix is anything to go by, then it will be huge.

It Ain't Done Till It's Over - Bwana [forthcoming Infinite Machine]

It Ain't Done Till It's Over (Sibian & Faun Remix) - Bwana [forthcoming Infinite Machine]

Nathan has already announced that he will be releasing some new material soon and if the young producer keeps releasing such quality then he will be a household name by 2012.

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